Tax cuts work better than public stimulus

Barack Obama recently forced through congress an extension of the Bush tax cuts for another two years, in spite of heated opposition from many Democrats. The tax cuts repudiate the … Read More

No. 55

A trillion owed here, a trillion borrowed there – pretty soon you are talking about serious debt STONE the crows, who’s running the American economy, Wilkins Micawber? Dickens’ character, whose … Read More

We have the right to secrecy

If Julian Assange had been accused of sex crimes after attending, say, the CIA Christmas party, it would be understandable if suspicion arose as to a possible frame-up. However, the … Read More

No. 54

STONE the crows what idiots we all are. According to research by the Australia Institute most of us are dills when it comes to dosh. Rather than the rational calculators … Read More

No. 53

A GST-FREE CHRISTMAS Stone the crows! Retailers want import taxes for Christmas! Last week retailer Gerry Harvey said the strong Australian dollar made internet shopping cheaper than buying locally and … Read More

No. 52

Green is not always for go STONE the crows! You have to hand it to the Labor Party for consistency. At least once a generation the party is threatened by … Read More

Issue 80

GERARD HENDERSON’S MEDIA WATCH DOG – ISSUE NO. 80 19 NOVEMBER 2010 “Media Watch Dog on Fridays…is a sort of popular read in the Crikey office” – Crikey’s Andrew Crook … Read More

Issue 1

Ethics, Kids and People Behaving Badly Ethical dilemmas; Who killed the readers; A moment with Howlin’ Wolf and Chuck Berry; Introducing Sydney’s endangered species Sydney could teach Hollywood a few … Read More

No. 51

STONE the crows! There are independent gentlemen in parliament acting according to their conscience while ministers worry whether they have the numbers on each issue! According to online commentator Graham … Read More